The Truck – WorkForce One

This is what Work Force One looks like, supplies and tools in the back!

This is what WorkForce One looks like, supplies and tools in the back!

WorkForce One is our roving HQ.  As of now, it’s a rented truck that we use to safely store supplies and mobilize our efforts so we can get out to various neighborhoods and keep our work efforts moving, and able to respond to where acute needs present themselves.

As we continue our efforts on Staten Island, we’re hoping to secure a permanent vehicle to become our all-time “WorkForce One.”

In the first few weeks after the storm, we were doing things in such a chaotic way – addressing really serious needs of pumping water, getting food and warm clothes to people, and more.  As the days and weeks have stretched on, new needs have developed.  Some of the best ways we help our neighbors are in their homes providing labor for demo, clearing out, cleaning, mold removal, and rebuilding.  Tools are expensive in any economy, but in the post-Sandy economies of hard hit areas, tools are a huge commodity.  We were constantly losing valued donated tools for all sorts of reasons (from theft to people just forgetting to return them).  And with so many home owners working on a DIY basis, we were giving plenty of tools out, as well.

Now that we have a lot of experience with demo and the specific work that flood-ravaged homes need, we’re using our tools everyday.  Having the truck helps us to keep them secure, it also helps us to save time on set up and break down each night – we can just lock up WorkForce One, and go!

If you have any ideas or info about trucks for donation, or funds to help cover the costs while we’re still in this renting phase – please contact us! or on Twitter @SandyReliefBOTG.

Coming Soon:

Maps on the location(s) of Work Force One

Images of Volunteers in action – See our Facebook Page!

Updates on what we’re using the truck for

and more!


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