How Can I Help?

Volunteer Information Flyer

Volunteer Flyer


Our primary contact on the ground is Mike “Loco” Hoffman. He has been storing equipment and dispatching volunteers since the very beginning. For the absolute latest, contact him directly and he can direct you to homes in need of work crews.

Volunteers are being dispatched to many areas.

Dispatch Contact info:


For monetary donations use the button on the right or contact us at

Donate Cleanup Tools and Supplies

The quickest way to get tools to us if you’re not local is to check out our Amazon Wishlist which we will keep updated with current needs.

If you are local we are always looking for new or used:

Sledgehammers and Axes
Shovels with flat ends for picking up debris
Cleaning Supplies – Bleach, Lysol, Sponges, Gloves, Scrub brushes, etc.
Mold killer
Paint Sprayers
Dust masks  /  Goggles  /  Work Gloves
Contractor bags
Pump Sprayers

Donate Personal Supplies for Families

Toothbrushes  /  Deodorant
Paper Goods
Laundry Detergent  /  Home cleaning solutions
Diapers  /  Baby Formula
Feminine Products  /  Bras
Battery-operated Lanterns
Underwear (new in package)
Clothing (depending on current demand)
Warm Coats
Space Heaters – both Electric & Gas

What do I need to know before I come to volunteer?

  • Roads are all drivable, you should be able to park near the volunteer dispatch area.
  • Wear warm layers that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Bring as much of your own personal protective gear as possible: quality respirators, clear goggles, thick work gloves, sturdy boots, coveralls.
  • Bring enough food and water for yourself. Some days there is plenty of warm food for volunteers, other days there is not.

Where can I stay while volunteering?

Most local hotels are booked by displaced residents. You may need to look into hotels/motels in northern New Jersey.
You might also try


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