A map of Staten Island showing the flood zones.

The Aftermath of Sandy

On October 29th,  millions of people were affected by Hurricane Sandy. For most, life gradually returned to normal as roads opened, power came back on, and gas stations caught back up with demand. But for tens of thousands of Americans, things would never go back to how they were.

In New York, the Borough of Staten Island was hit hard, with countless homes inundated with flood waters. The majority of people in these areas are determined to stay and rebuild. Help is pouring in from all over the country but ultimately it comes down to local residents to make sure essential needs are being met.

Areas such as Midland Beach are beginning their resurrection, a process driven more by people on the ground than anything, or anybody, else.  There has been an overwhelming response from local political offices, residents, business owners, religious groups, and volunteer entities.

Most homes have been emptied at this point, but now the demo work has begun, tearing out the insides of homes that have been affected by water and moisture and prepping homes for reconstruction.

Who is helping now?

Right now volunteers and donors for supplies are in high demand.

 Mike Hoffman, 33, is a volunteer relief coordinator in the Staten Island area who has been working since the storm to canvas areas of New Dorp and Midland Beach, gathering information on families that need assistance.  Known as “Loco” by friends and family, Mike was among those who lost his place of employment as a result of Sandy.  Mike, a lifelong resident of Staten Island, immediately put his local knowledge to use in directing volunteer efforts to help local families.

 To date, teams of volunteers dispatched by Mike have worked on close to 1280 homes. Work has included tasks ranging from gutting homes, ripping up floors, cleaning and disinfecting, and mold treatments for exposed structural elements.  All work crews provided are provided to residents free-of-charge and volunteering to help is easy.


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  1. Hey. I heard about your donation center getting hit on Christmas. That is just unbelievable. I would like to know how money donations can be sent as I am on Long Island and making the trip to Staten Island is not possible. If you have a paypal account, or a bank you are working with, like the fund for Breezy at http://www.rockawayneedsyou.com. Please email me back at the address below. Thank you, and God Bless.

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